Microsoft Copilot for Security
Microsoft Copilot for Security Global Launch: Everything you need to know

Microsoft Copilot for Security will launch on April 1, 2024, which will enable professionals to.

Copilot in Windows
Microsoft’s Copilot in Windows Now Manages System Settings and Accessibility with Ease

Microsoft has announced a new runtime for Copilot in Windows. The purpose of the new.

Microsoft Copilot
Microsoft Copilot: A Year of Enhancing Productivity and Unleashing Creativity

Microsoft Copilot is celebrating its birthday. It’s on February 7, 2023, Microsoft launched Copilot (formerly.

Copilot Pro
Microsoft Unveils Copilot Pro: Elevating AI Capabilities for Microsoft 365 Users

Microsoft has rolled out Copilot Pro with advanced AI capabilities. The Copilot Pro is a.

GPAI Summit 2023
PM Narendra Modi Unveils GPAI Summit 2023: India’s Leap into the AI Future

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI) Summit 2023 to.

Google Gemini
Google Unveils Gemini: A Multimodal AI for Seamless Information Processing

Google has launched Gemini model, which is available globally starting December 6, 2023. Touted as.

GPT-4 Turbo
Microsoft Copilot Integrates GPT-4 Turbo With Improved Image Rendering & Coding Capabilities

Microsoft has announced new Copilot features as part of the first anniversary celebrations of Microsoft.

Sam Altman
Microsoft Taps Former OpenAI CEO Sam Altman To Lead AI Research Team

Sam Altman, Greg Brockman, and other former OpenAI’s executives will join Microsoft. The new development.

Sreya Francis
Kerala Born Security Researcher Sreya Francis Grabs Nomination For AIconics Award

Sreya Francis, a Kerala-based AI researcher in Canada has been nominated for the prestigious AIconics.

GPT-4 Turbo
OpenAI Launches GPT-4 Turbo With Improvements: Everything you need to know

OpenAI has announced the launch of GPT-4 Turbo model during the sidelines of DevDay. The.