Foodie Buddy
Enhance Your Zomato Experience with Foodie Buddy AI

Zomato has entered the AI bandwagon with the launch of Foodie Buddy. With the help.

Elevate Your AI Interactions: ChatGPT’s Custom Instructions Open to All

OpenAI has introduced an expansion of the custom instructions feature, which empowers users with greater.

Dark Mode BIng Chat
Microsoft Pushes Dark Mode to Bing Chat

Microsoft has rolled out Dark mode for Bing Chat. According to company sources, the Dark.

Introducing Soundarya: Karnataka’s AI-enabled News Presenter

In an interesting development, Karnataka has introduced the first-ever AI-enabled news presenter named Soundarya to.

paLM 2
Google Rumored Med-PaLM 2 Chatbot Touted to Answer Medical Questions

Google is reportedly testing Med-PaLM 2 AI chatbot, which is designed to provide crisp answers to.

Microsoft AI Skills Initiative
Microsoft AI Skills Initiative Course Launched For This Price: Deets Inside

Microsoft has announced a Microsoft AI Skills Initiative training course in partnership with LinkedIn. The.

AI Dubbing
YouTube Infuses AI Dubbing with Aloud

YouTube is gearing up to infuse AI dubbing for videos via Aloud. A popular news.

Orca by Microsoft Research
Orca by Microsoft Research: Empowering AI with Reasoning Processes

icrosoft, in collaboration with OpenAI, has been actively working on integrating AI capabilities into its.

Google Bard AI
Google Bard AI Eliminates Waitlist, Adds New Features

Google Bard AI is now available in 180+ countries without waitlist via PaLM 2 language.

Bing AI
Microsoft Bing AI Now Available Without Waitlist and Improved Features

Microsoft has thrown open the AI-enabled Bing search engine in open preview. You need not.