Elevate Your AI Interactions: ChatGPT’s Custom Instructions Open to All


OpenAI has introduced an expansion of the custom instructions feature, which empowers users with greater control over the responses of ChatGPT. This enhancement is now accessible to all users, including those utilizing the free tier of the service. Initially launched in July as a beta exclusively for ChatGPT Plus subscribers, this functionality enables users to establish specific preferences and prerequisites for the AI chatbot’s responses.

This capability offers a convenient way to save time, eliminating the need for users to repeatedly formulate the same instruction prompts with each interaction, a concept elucidated by TechCrunch. For instance, users can direct ChatGPT to maintain responses within a designated character limit or tailor the response’s tone to their preference.

Upon its debut in July, OpenAI showcased a scenario wherein an educator employs ChatGPT to design a lesson plan. In this context, the need for constant repetition of their role as a 3rd-grade teacher to receive appropriately customized responses would be eradicated. Similarly, developers leveraging this feature could instruct the chatbot to communicate in their preferred languages or exclude specific languages.

OpenAI revealed, “Through our interactions with users spanning 22 countries, we’ve gained a deeper insight into the crucial role that steerability plays in enabling our models to accurately adapt to diverse contexts and individual requirements.”

Prior to this week, the utilization of custom instructions was restricted to subscribers of ChatGPT Plus, requiring a monthly fee of $20. However, this option has now been extended to both free and Plus users, encompassing iOS and Android platforms. Furthermore, custom instructions can be employed even when chat history is disabled, as highlighted by OpenAI.

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To implement custom instructions, users can initiate the process by selecting their username and navigating to the “Custom instructions” section. The company also indicates that this feature will soon be available in the European Union and the United Kingdom.

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