Amazon Alexa Steps Up Its Game with Advanced AI Integration

Amazon Echo

Amazon has announced the immediate availability of the upgraded Alexa voice assistant. The company revealed that the new Amazon Alexa voice assistant will be smarter and more conversational. With the rapid rise in the adoption of ChatGPT, Bing Chat, and Google Bard, Amazon is leaving no stone unturned and has integrated AI into smart speakers.

Addressing his final keynote address, Amazon’s devices CEO Dave Limp showcased a short demo of the updated Alexa codenamed “Let’s Chat” with Generative AI goodness. Limp will step down from Amazon to pave way for Ex-Microsoft’s Panos Panay. The event was held at the new second headquarters in Northern Virginia. Amazon showcased a demo where users were asking “best dates to travel to Puerto Rico. Even though one user requested Alexa to tell a story about balloons, he changed the tone and asked about Jell-O. There were instances where Amazon Alexa lagged while delivering its response and the system needs improvement.


The Let’s Chat upgrade will be available as an early preview for existing Amazon Echo users in the coming weeks. We expect the feature to hit Indian soil by Diwali. Amazon is gearing up for the Diwali sale and the launch of new devices just in time for Diwali will be a huge milestone for the company.

According to sources, the upgraded Alexa will produce a human-like voice and advanced natural conversations. The quality of output delivered by Amazon Alexa will improve after each prompt. Moreover, Alexa will be able to compose messages for users and deliver to other people.

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Rohit Prasad who is the senior vice president at Amazon introduced sports example. He added that the Red Sox are his favorite team and Alexa responded in a joyful voice. Amazon also showcased how the company is using AI to operate smart homes. After the arrival of the new Amazon Alexa updates, users will be able to make more conversational requests with improved control of the smart home devices. Alexa is designed to work better based on the learnings from the mistakes made by the existing AI models such as ChatGPT.

Amazon Echo Smart Speakers Refreshed

Amazon also released an upgraded version of Echo Show 8 smart speaker. The company has integrated a feature with which the speaker automatically adjusts the display based on where the user is standing in a room. The display will show more information if the user approaches the devices. Amazon has fixed the price as $150 and will ship in October. The company also launched a Fire TV sound bar and two Fire TV Sticks with improved and upgraded processors.

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