Top Best Voting Apps For iPhone And Android 2021

Top Best Voting Apps For iPhone And Android 2021

Do you remember voting for whether or not to go on a trip on a weekday? Or have you ever stood for the Head Boy or Head Girl elections in your schooling days? These two different scenarios have one thing in common. Voting. Yes, taking the opinion of the concerned people by the process of voting or live polls. It may be done by answering orally, by raising hands, or by writing down on a piece of paper. The result? You will conveniently find a single answer to your dilemma.

Voting apps are a great choice for gathering feedback or opinion from the concerned group of people. It increases the ease of the process to many folds. There are some really fruitful and efficient voting apps that help you connect with the people in your surroundings or the desired location. In this article, we have shortlisted some of the best voting apps for iPhone and Android.

Poll Everywhere

It is a great choice for conducting and responding to polls via voting. It offers various useful features like responding to polls, displaying the audience poll results, use it in Powerpoint presentations. The respondents can respond to the app, browser, text message, or Twitter It can be used to create and present questions on the go, including Q&A, and multiple-choice questions. The poll can be presented directly from the web or by using it on a Powerpoint presentation. It shows real-time responses and is great for classroom use.

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Wonder Polls

With over 1 million downloads, Wonder Polls is one of the most popular voting apps. It allows you to create a question with some options. You can create as many options as you wish to. To get the response, you just need to send the poll link to people or ask them to answer it on your mobile device. To get a response from the maximum number of people, the app allows you to share the link via mail.


The QiT app provides a voting platform to connect people and gather opinions or answers. it offers to collect opinions on a worldwide community. It gives an innovative voting platform to common people as well as businesses to conduct polls. It gives color-coded statistics and helps people save time and money. The QiT app is easy to use and allows people to post questions anonymously. This feature gives the app an edge over the others. You can even share your poll or results on various social media platforms.


VoxVote is a simple polling app that does not have too many fancy options. However, it will surely help you conduct polls in a simple manner. To ensure the high security of its users, the app asks for a 5-digit PIN code from them before allowing them to view the poll. You can add an unlimited number of answers to it. The results are shown in graph form. This app is best for educational use as it has simple features. Since it does not have too many features, it can be of great use for students and teachers.

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Survey Monkey

Survey Monkey is one of the best voting apps for iOS and Android used by individuals and businesses. With over 60 million downloads, the app enjoys huge popularity. It helps you obtain the results in detailed statistics format along with a variety of graphical shapes. You can use it as a complete report for your submission. The app also allows you to browse through it and take part in some random polls and questions that interest you. You can even start analysing the data of your poll even before the poll is complete.


So far, we have learned about some of the best voting apps for iOS and Android. We may also conclude that many tasks or activities cannot go without polling or survey. Thus, to ease such tasks, there exist voting and polling apps to conclude upon a result or to gather public opinion.

Our gadgets and mobile devices can do wonders. The example of conducting polls makes us believe the same. These help us in various situations. Thus, a lot of voting apps are designed in a manner that functions swiftly on our mobile devices. To conclude upon one solution or to gather customer feedback, online voting apps help you do away with the confusion quite easily.

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