Twitter 2FA Failure: Steps to Recover Your Account

Twitter 2FA

Ever since Elon Musk has taken over the reins of Twitter, there are issues pertaining to the social media platform. The latest development is that Twitter 2FA is not working properly for users because they are not receiving text messages with the required codes. Twitter 2FA is an added security measure, which is designed to provide enhanced security for your Twitter account. In this article, we will examine the steps to recover your account when Twitter 2FA is not working properly.

Provide Text Message Code

Normally, when you enter your Twitter username and password you will receive a text message code on your registered mobile number. You have to provide the OTP on the web interface to login to your Twitter account. Currently, Twitter 2FA web service is not working properly and hence you will not receive the message code. However, there are other options available for your disposal.

Use Backup code

If Twitter 2FA is not working, then you can use an alternative backup code to login to your Twitter account. You have to generate a backup code from your Twitter Settings page after enabling 2FA. You have to note the code somewhere inside your notepad or diary. You can also note down the backup code directly inside a text file on your laptop. If you are not writing or copying the backup code after generation, then there is no use because you have to provide the code to restore your Twitter account. We recommend that you disable Twitter 2FA in case you are able to successfully login with your backup code. This will avoid future troubles since we don’t know when Twitter will resolve the 2FA web service. Alternatively, you can change your Twitter password to a very strong one with a combination of alphabets, numerals, and symbols.

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Never Logout

Another option is that you should never try to log out from Twitter if you have enabled Twitter 2FA. You will be able to fetch backup code from the Settings page if you haven’t logged out from your Twitter account.

Contact Twitter Support

If you failed to generate a backup code after the activation of Twitter 2FA and logged out from Twitter, then you will not be able to restore your Twitter account. This is because you will not receive text messages with the authentication code. Moreover, you don’t have backup code required to restore the Twitter account. You have to establish contact with Twitter support by generating a support ticket. It will take 10-15 days to resolve the problem based on the latest Twitter debates. If you are lucky, then the Twitter team will disable 2FA from the backend.


If Twitter 2FA text messaging is not working, then you have to provide the required backup code. If you forgot the backup code or failed to save it from the Twitter Settings dashboard then you have to contact Twitter support to resolve the problem. If you are able to login successfully with the backup code, then you either disable the Twitter 2FA or generate a fresh backup code and save it on your system. This is because the initial backup code you used can be applied once. You have to generate fresh backup code for the next attempt. Twitter 2FA is a popular way to protect your Twitter account. However, you have to temporarily disable Twitter 2FA because of the system downtime. We don’t know when the Elon Musk team will be able to resolve the Twitter 2FA issue completely.

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