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With videos taking over conventional blogs post-COVID-19, you need a premium video editing tool like FlexClip. With the help of FlexClip, the entire tasks associated with video creation, editing, and production are simplified to a large extent. We had reviewed FlexClip in the past but the company has added several new features recently. The main attractive feature is the integration of TTS, which enables users to automatically generate voice from within the dashboard. With the help of Flexclip, you can Convert your text to realistic AI voices quickly and effectively. FlexClip also includes several new templates, effects, transitions, and much more. The company has improved the user interface when compared with the previous version we reviewed. Without further adieu, let’s examine the working of the revamped FlexClip.


FlexClip runs on the cloud and hence you need not have to perform any installation. You can directly work with FlexClip by logging in with your credentials.


FlexClip ships with thousands of templates with all the text and music effects. These templates are royalty-free and can be used freely. The app includes a huge collection of text animations, elements, and transitions. The addition of resource-rich stock media assets provides an ability to create high-quality videos. You can trim/cut videos, add text, music, transitions, and watermark including recording screen from within the FlexClip dashboard. FlexCLip has integrated TTS support and hence you can create AI audio using your script. You can then use them on your projects. You need not have to perform any recording.

Working of FlexClip

To work with FlexClip, you should login using the credentials you used to signup. You can either use your own credentials or Google/Facebook authentication.


You will view a dashboard as shown below upon login. FlexClip displays all the recent projects on the top. If you scroll down the FlexClip dashboard, you will be able to view several templates that are separated by various categories. You can just hover over the template and select Customize option to directly edit the content. You can also preview and decide whether to use the relevant template or not.


To create a new video, you should select Create a video button located on the top left side.

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The next step is to select a ratio. If you need to create a normal video, you should select 16:9. If you would like to create YouTube Shorts video, you should select 9:16. FlexClip provides support for both Timeline and Storyboard modes.

If you are satisfied with the select, you just need to select Get Started button. FlexClip displays a dashboard, which prompts you to import media files. You can either add photos, videos, and audio or close the dialog.


You can also start video creation without media by using text content. The right side displays preview of the content and this includes media files. You can change the background color by using the colors from the top portion.

You can search for a specific template by providing a keyword. For instance, if you search with Digital marketing keyword, FlexClip throws away 520 templates. You just need to pickup only, customize, and produce. You can add your own content, images, and videos by changing the placeholders.

Adding Media

You can add local files from your PC, your smartphone or even record screen content. This will be useful for recording software demos and e-learning tutorials. You can initiate Text to Speech also from the Media section.

We added three media files for the purpose of this review. You have to drag and drop the individual images into the timeline. We have added the required assets to the timeline for the purpose of video creation. You can either add images/videos or box.


You can add more images by selecting Add Scene option or by selecting + button on the timeline. You can now play the video from the dashboard.

Adding Transitions

You can add transition by selecting “|” located in between the scenes. FlexClip will display several transitions on the left side as shown below


You can select a transition of your choice. FlexClip has added several new impressive transitions and you can scroll down and select a transition. You can view a preview of the transition after the addition. The duration of the transition can be adjusted by dragging the “Duration” slider.

Adding Text to Speech

We have now added the required images and transitions. Let’s add speech. To add Text to Speech, you should select the icon on the media tab marked with AI in Blue color. Locate an icon with Turquoise on the Local FIles row below.

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FlexClip TTS AI

You will view relevant options for Text to Speech, which is currently in Beta mode. You select relevant language, voice, voice style, speed, and pitch.


An interesting point to note is that you can listen to the preview of each voice before finalization. This feature will help you to avoid a voice that is not suited for your project.


You can provide content and preview the output by selecting Preview option. The relevant audio will be saved to Media upon selecting Save to Media button. You can then drag the audio to the desired position on the timeline.

The big advantage of FlexClip TTS is that you can choose from several emotions. You should ideally create separate audio file for each sentence. We observed that FlexClip cuts the audio in long paragraph-style content. If you are unable to drag and drop the audio to the timeline, you can save the audio file inside your PC and then manually add the audio. FlexClip automatically provides separate files for each TTS content, which you can download immediately after generation.

Adding text

You can add content to your image or video by selecting Text options. You will be able to modify the text after adding to the editor. FlexClip comes with several text designs.

Adding Subtitles

FlexClip has newly introduced AI subtitle functionality. You can select a subtitle style according to your preference.

Working with Stock Media

FlexClip includes stock photos, videos, and audio. You can add them to your video for an enhanced user experience. You will not receive any copyright strike from YouTube because the stock media content is royalty-free. You just need to select the relevant option from the left-side navigation panel, search and select the required media. You will find tons of fresh templates. For instance, a simple search using the keyword software throws several awesome videos.


The company will add additional stock content regularly and it will be available for free for subscribers. The photos are divided into several categories.

Adding Audio

FlexClip comes with tons of stock audio content. You can filter audio by mood and genre. You can listen to the preview and the required timing will also be displayed.


Using Elements

You can easily add elements such as shapes, social icons, GIPHY animations, arrows, bubbles, and much more.

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You just need to drag and drop inside the editor and crop accordingly. The text can be modified by double-clicking the element.

FlexClip also provides the ability to add overlays, background, and watermark. The possibilities are endless and it’s up to you to make effective use of all the features bundled with FlexClip.

Producing Videos

If you are satisfied with the video editing, you should export the video as MP4. This can be done by selecting Export button.


FlexClip provides the ability to render videos in 480p, 720p, and 1080p resolutions. The time required to generate the MP4 file depends upon the content included in the video. You can also generate GIF instead of videos. The app displays progress indicator during the production process. The final output will be downloaded immediately after the completion of the export.


You can also share the video file directly via social media platforms. FlexClip also generates unique link for each video, which you can share on social media.


FlexClip is an excellent video editing app using which you can create awesome and impressive-looking videos. As a creator, the ultimate production and rendering of Amazing Videos Made Easy with FlexClip Video Maker. With the help of stock media, audio, and other decorative elements, you can express content in a meaningful way. FlexClip will be really useful for educators because they can create excellent videos for online learning. FlexClip will be useful for beginners since the modules are designed in such a way that even a 15-year-old kid can easily edit videos. FlexClip includes all the flavors of a perfect video editor. You need not have to invest for any other tool once you are adapted to the free video editor FlexClip. We highly recommend FlexClip for all your video editing requirements.

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Simple to use


    Plenty of features


      Comprehensive dashboard


        Wide range of templates


          Several transitions


            Ability to integrate voices


              Fast rendering


                Easy sharing of videos



                  • Easy to use
                  • Rich features
                  • Several templates
                  • Plenty of transitions
                  • TTS voice support
                  • Ability to record screen
                  • Unlimited features
                  • Quick rendering
                  • Ability to share videos


                  • None

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