Nearby Share Beta for Windows Review: Is it a worthy app?

Nearby Share Beta for Windows

We share files between PC and Android devices regularly and tools like Nearby Share Beta for Windows will provide productivity. You should make use of Nearby Share Beta for Windows to simplify the transfer process. For instance, you will create a YouTube shorts video with all the required elements and then email the file for uploading via your smartphone. In case of large files, you will be required to connect your smartphone to your PC via USB cable.

With the help of Nearby Share Beta for Windows, you will be able to send and receive photos, videos, audio files, and documents between Windows PC and Android devices. However, the Android device should be located nearby the Windows PC and should be enabled with Bluetooth. The Nearby Share Beta for Windows has been designed after taking into account safety and privacy factors. You can control the files that are being shared. You will be able to organize all the files from your PC.

Working with Nearby Share Beta for Windows

To work with Nearby Share Beta for Windows, you should install the app by downloading from the official page. You have to locate the app from your Windows PC if you had already installed it.

You will view a dashboard as shown below

Nearby Share Beta for Windows

Initially, the device is not visible and is hidden. You can change the settings by selecting any one of the four options.

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Sharing files

Let’s see the steps involved with sharing files. The first step is to click Select files link. You can also upload several files from a folder. We uploaded a file and the following screen is displayed.

Nearby Share Beta for Windows

You should activate Bluetooth on your Android device. You will view the message Device nearby is sharing on the top of your smartphone. The name of the smartphone will display on Nearby Share Beta dashboard.

You should select the Nearby devices on your Windows PC. The dashboard displays Connecting with the PIN number. You should select Accept button on your Android smartphone.

The relevant content will be shared immediately. The time required to share a video depends upon the capacity of the source files. You can play by sharing several files to check out the functionality.

Receiving files

The Nearby Share Beta for Windows also provides the ability to receive files. To receive files from your Android device, you should first select the relevant receive option. The “Ready to receive” message will be displayed on the dashboard upon selecting Receive from everyone option.

Nearby Share Beta for Windows

The next step is to select file(s) from your smartphone and tap Send” option. The Nearby Share Beta comes pre-installed with all the latest Android devices. You should select Share via Nearby Share option.

The PC name will display on Android device along with a Green icon. If you select the icon, the relevant PIN code will display on both the Android device and Windows PC. You should select Accept option on your PC.

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Nearby Share Beta for Windows

The relevant files will be immediately downloaded to the designed folder. You can modify the location by selecting the Settings icon and specifying the folder.

Nearby Share Beta for Windows

You should note that the Accept option should be clicked immediately on your Android device or Windows PC. The system will timeout after a specified time for the sake of privacy and security.

We tried to share two video files from the smartphone and the files were received too quickly when compared with USB cable. The Nearby Share will display the progress of file sharing on the screen.

Nearby Share Beta for Windows

It’s easy to work with Nearby Share Beta for Windows. You can seamlessly send and receive files to and from your smartphone. You can avoid desktop clutter and save USB port with the help of the Nearby Share app. Moreover, you can preserve a copy of the content on your PC. This will be helpful in case if your smartphone fails the work.


Nearby Share for Windows is an excellent tool to send and receive content from and to smartphones. The app is safe because of Google tag. You can share content privately between devices without using tangled cables. We highly recommend NBearby Share Beta for Windows if you would like to share content effectively without cables.

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