The Trendiest Parts of London to Set Up Offices


When you are setting up offices in London, you want to make sure you are choosing the best location. Trendy parts of London, such as Shoreditch and Camden, have great accessibility and reach customers and other businesses. The trendiest parts of London have an appeal that can often not be rivaled, so what do you need to consider when you are setting up new offices in these locations?

Think About Who Your Audience Is

Firstly, you need to think about who your audience is. Are you looking at reaching younger audiences, because if so, you may be looking at Camden or Lambeth. However, if your audience is elite and wealthy, you may well be looking at Mayfair. If you do not consider who your audience is, you will be setting up in the wrong area. You will be leasing offices that are not suitable, and your postcode will potentially hinder your business efforts. If you are not certain about who your audience is, then conduct market research. Are you looking to reach young professionals with your business? Or are you focused on business-to-business connections?

Considering What You Want from an Office

Now you are certain about who your target audience is, you then need to look at what you want and need from an office. Are you looking at a location that is close to a particular bus route? Or are you looking for one that is easily accessible to many stops and routes? Do you require a fully serviced office, are you looking at a part-managed office? Looking at how your business operates and runs is going to be important as this is going to dictate what you need from your new premises.

Reaching Out to an Agency

Offices in the trendiest parts of London often get snapped up very quickly, and so with this in mind, you need to have a competitive edge. You will find it worthwhile reaching out to an agency such as The Workplace Company. An agency can help you find offices that suit your budget and location requirements. An office agency will have the knowledge, and the expertise, to secure your business the right premises quickly.

Looking at Mayfair

Mayfair is known for its high-end restaurants and cocktail bars, but it is also known as a sought-after location for businesses and offices. As it is in a trendy and wealthy part of London it has a far-reaching appeal that a lot of other locations simply do not have. Appealing to a large proportion of the population, Mayfair features historic buildings that are trendy places to network and carry out daily business.

Considering Camden

If your budget for an office is not going to stretch to Mayfair, then take your search to another area. If you are looking for diversity, then look no further than Camden. It is the opposite of Mayfair (in terms of buildings), as its buildings are diverse and often unique looking. Popularity and interest over the years have grown, as it is known for more than just its market. It is now becoming known as a place for trendy and creative individuals and businesses.

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