From Words to Melody: Microsoft Copilot and Suno Unleash AI Music Creation

You can now create beautiful songs with Microsoft Copilot. Microsoft has established partnership with Suno to integrate AI music into Microsoft Copilot. To those unaware, Suno is a leader in AI-based music creation technology. You will be able to create fun, clever, and personalized songs with a simple prompt. You need not require any experience in the musical field.

Microsoft Copilot will be able to generate complete songs featuring lyrics, instrumentals, and singing voices from a single sentence via Suno plugin. You need not have to play an instrument or read music by arranging orchestra etc. Microsoft Copilot and Suno will complete all the hard work, which matches the song to cues in your prompt.

To create a song using Microsoft Copilot, you should navigate to and login using your Microsoft account. The first step is to make sure that Suno is enabled on the plugin panel. You will have to scroll down and locate Suno plugin as shown below.

The next step is to ask Microsoft Copilot to create a song based on a given prompt. You can give any prompt with a request to create a new song. The Copilot will automatically create the song and you can then share it on social media.

According to Microsoft, the partnership with Suno will throw open new horizons for not only creativity but also fun. The complex task associated with music creation will be accessible to everyone. Microsoft has currently rolled out the music creation capability via Suno AI in a phased manner. It will take some time for the plugin to work properly. You should continue to check the web-based Microsoft Copilot to explore the Suno AI music creation.

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