Wired Keyboard vs Wireless Keyboard: Which one you should buy?

Wired Keyboard

A Keyboard is one of the most important input devices. If you work with a PC or laptop, you have to make use of the Keyboard. While laptops ships with an integrated keyboard, you will have to purchase an external keyboard if you are working with a PC. Even though laptops come with a keyboard, people often find it difficult to use because of the small-sized keys. You will have to raise your arm to work with the keyboard. Moreover, prolonged typing of documents will be painful. Hence, you need to buy a quality external keyboard for your typing requirements. You will find two types of keyboards such as Wired and Wireless. In this article, we will examine the differences between Wired and Wireless keyboard in detail. Towards the end of the article, you will know which keyboard you should buy.

Wired Keyboard

A Wired keyboard specifically consists of extended keys in a large surface area. Moreover, the keyword will be accompanied by a wire. During the early days of computing, Wired keyboards were shipped with PS2 slot. You will have to connect to the PS2 slot located on the rear side of your PC. With the evolution of laptops, companies started to manufacture Wired keyboards with USB slot. You can now easily establish connectivity between your laptop and the Wired keyboard by plugging it on to the USB port of your laptop.

Wired Keyboard

You need not have to install any drivers because Windows 10 ships with all the required drivers for the keyboards. You can directly work with the Keyboard after plugging it to the laptop. Nowadays, keyboards are shipped with LED backlight to attract gamers.

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You can activate several lights depending upon the work environment. You should note that most of the budget keyboards are not ergonomic. If you would like to purchase an ergonomic keyboard, you should look for a board with cushioned palmrest. A keyboard with palmrest not only provides adequate cushioning but also comfort upon typing for a prolonged time.

Wireless Keyboard

A Wireless keyboard consists of a receiver. The keyboard will not carry any wires. However, you will have to insert the required number of batteries. You will find a connect button using which you can establish connectivity between your keyboard and the receiver. Nowadays, wireless keyboards are being shipped with a mall receiver instead of the big receivers as in the past. You have to add three or four batteries depending upon the keyboard. You should ideally check out the documentation provided with the product package.

Wireless Keyboard

The problem with Wireless Keyboards is that you will have to change the battery once in every 4 months depending upon the usage. Sometimes, the keyboard will fail to function due to the problem with the receiver. The battery drain occurs quickly and you will not be able to work with the keyboard if the battery completely drains out.

You should keep an eye over the Keyboard setting on the Control Panel to check out the battery levels. If the battery capacity is Good and Keyboard fails to work properly, then you have to press the receiver and connect button simultaneously to reset the keyboard. It’s a challenge to work with a Wireless keyboard. However, the usage of a Wireless keyboard will avoid dust on the lengthy cables found in the Wired keyboards.

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The Wired Keyboards will work as long as the product works. You need not have to worry about the regular battery drain. Meanwhile, the Wireless keyboard works properly until you have the required battery. If you have a spare battery, you can immediately replace so that you can continue the work. Otherwise, it will take time until you visit a shop and purchase the required batteries. You can make use of Wireless keyboard but it’s advisable to keep stock of the batteries inside your drawer. That being said, we are not in a position to give any recommendations. It’s up to you to decide depending upon the convenience.

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