Locate COVID-19 Vaccination Centers List on Google Maps

Covid-19 Vaccination Centers

Google has announced the imminent rollout of the location of COVID-19 vaccination centers on Google Maps. With the help of Goole Maps, you will be able to find out the location of the nearest COVID-19 vaccination centers. The company is planning to provide information related to 250,000 COVID-19 vaccination centers to countries that require. To begin with, the Google Maps COVID-19 Vaccination Centers will be rolled out in the US, Canada, France, India, Chile, and Singapore.

Commenting on the development, Karen DeSalvo, Chief Health Officer, Google revealed that the company is funding vaccinations for 250,000 people in countries that have requested them to do so. DeSalvo added that the vaccination centers can be located on Google Maps and Search in the US, Canada, France, Singapore, Chile, and India. He added that overcoming the pandemic requires a coordinated effort on a global scale.

As part of Google’s initiative to combat COVID-19, the company is providing 250,000 COVID-19 vaccinations to countries in need. An additional $250 million in Ad grants has been allocated to connect people to accurate vaccine-related information.

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Additionally, Gavi, The Vaccine Alliance has also launched a drive for additional funding to procure vaccines for low-income countries. Google also launched an employee giving campaign, which will accelerate the speed in a bid to combat COVID-19.

Google Cloud is also launching an Intelligent Vaccine Impact Solution virtual agent to provide COVID-19 vaccines to those who don’t have the required connectivity. You will be able to book vaccine appointments and ask questions via a virtual agent in 28 languages via chat, SMS, or over the phone.

The ability to find and locate COVID-19 vaccination centers on Google Maps is a step in the right direction. It will enable people to find the correct location of the vaccination centers.

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