Introducing OM Lang – World’s First Sanskrit & Multilingual Programming Language

OM Lang

We all write programming codes in English and with OM Lang you can write in Sanskrit, Tamil, Hindi, and other Indian languages. Have you ever wondered that you can write the codes in Sanskrit and other Indian languages? OM Lang is now available for your consumption. According to the creator Mayank Kumar, OM Lang is the World’s first Sanskrit & Multilingual Programming Language with support for 9+ Indian languages.

OM Lang is developed to enable non-English speakers to learn programming in their own native language. Moreover, the programmers can make use of the power of the multilingual programming language to convert their ideas into a reality despite lack of English language proficiency. Mayank claims that new language is faster than heavy-duty programming languages such as Google’s Go, Microsoft C#, Java, Python, JavaScript, and much more. OM Lang is easy to use and can be mastered by any programmer. Moreover, the new programming language is highly modern, robust, future-proof, and feature-rich. The newly introduced language can be used to build OS, Website, App, server, AI, and much more.

The OM Lang project developers have formulated ambitious plans for future development. The first plan is to impart awareness about the language in schools across the country. With diverse language culture, it will be easy for the company to move ahead. The ultimate aim is to take programming to each and every corner of India. The company is also planning to conduct various research about the power of the Sanskrit Language for programming, software, and technology. The main goal of OM Lang is to build India’s own operating system.

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OM Lang is developed by Mayank Kumar, which is a self-taught Software Engineer. He considers himself as a Computer Scientist without studying in any college or university. His passion is to learn, build things, and work on great ideas instead of college/university education.

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