Copilot in Windows Comes to Windows 11 Canary Channel Insiders: What to Expect

Copilot in Windows

Microsoft has announced the launch of Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25982 to the Canary Channel. The big development is that Microsoft has rolled out the much-anticipated Copilot in Windows to Canary Channel Windows Insiders. However, this feature will be available to Windows Insiders in select global markets. You will not be able to experience this feature immediately but will be available soon. Previously, Microsoft had rolled out Copilot in Windows for the Dev Channel Windows Insiders.

With the help of Copilot in Windows, you will be able to summarize a web page, compose emails, and quickly change to Dark mode. You will also be able to generate an image based on a unique idea. You can also enable Bluetooth or establish connectivity with new headphones. You can also capture screenshots with the help of Copilot in Windows. According to Microsoft, Copilot in Windows can change the way you work with your PC. It will also inspire you to perform new things that you never thought of. The Redmond-based software giant claims that productivity and creativity meet via Copilot.

Getting Started With Copilot in Windows

To work with Copilot in Windows, you should select the Copilot icon on the Taskbar. You can also press WIN+C to launch Copilot in Windows using the same Microsoft account or Microsoft Entra ID. If you encounter any trouble, you can file feedback by selecting the “…” icon located at the top right side of the sidebar.

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As of this writing, Copilot in Windows is being rolled out in a phased manner to Windows Insiders in select global markets. This includes North America, the United Kingdom, and parts of Asia and South America. Microsoft intends to add additional regions and markets over time.

SMB client encryption

The Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25982 has added SMB encryption of all outbound SMB client connections. As an administrator, you can force all destination servers to make use of SMB 3 and encryption. This mechanism enforces the highest level of network security including bringing management parity to SMB signing.

Microsoft has added client-side support for Discovery of Network-designated Resolvers (DNR) with Build 25982. The ReFS filesystem Block Cloning Support for Dev Drive is now available in the Dev Drive Windows copy engine. This feature provides native support to copy actions and APIs on Windows. The purpose of this feature is to improve the performance of reFS volumes including Dev Drive volumes for build scenarios. Microsoft has updated Remote Desktop Connection to support zoom options with various large volumes such as 350, 400, 450, and 500% respectively.


Currently, the accent color on Start and Taskbar toggle is greyed out by design if you are in the light mode. After the installation of Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25982, an information bullet is displayed and the setting is only available in Windows Dark Mode. The update resolved an issue that causes voice access to crash when dictating text. The flight fixed issues pertaining to File Explorer hanging and the inability to work with the print queue. Microsoft has urged Windows Insiders to file feedback in case popular games don’t work in the Canary Channel.

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The builds released to the Canary Channel are hot off the presses. Microsoft will provide documentation only if there are any significant features and improvements.

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