HP Unveils AI Powered Elite Series Laptops

Elite Series Laptops

HP has announced the launch of AI HP Elite and PRO PCs. The main highlight of the new devices is the integration of Windows 11 Pro coupled with Microsoft Copilot in Windows 11. According to Microsoft, the Copilot in Windows 11 is your everyday AI companion. Mcrocrosft recently announced the addition of the Copilot key on the new Windows 11 devices and PC keyboards.

The Photos app will also be upgraded with new AI editing capabilities using which you can edit the images quickly. You will find several improvements to features such as Snap, Widgets, and Inking. If you are a commercial customer, you will find it easy to securely manage updates across your organization.

HP Elite 1000 Series

HP Elite 1000 Series G11 Notebook PCs are designed to run up to 21 hours without any need to plug in. The device also delivers 132% faster AI video editing experience when compared with the previous generation. If you are a business user, you will be able to experience up to 80% enhanced graphics performance. The PC runs 40% quieter.

HP EliteBook 800 and 805 Series

HP EliteBook 800 and 805 Series G11 Notebook PCs are equipped with either Intel Core Ultra 5 and 7 processors or AMD Ryzen PRO processors. These devices will ship with dedicated NPUs11 for advanced AI computational tasks and also for a customized user experience. The company has designed the laptops with at least 75% PCR Plastic flavoured in the bezel.

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Microsoft announced that Poly Lens provides the basic foundation of AI-enabled deployment, management, monitoring, and insights of video-enabled rooms. The latest update provides improved video deployment and serviceability, quicker onboarding and configuration. With the help of Microsoft 0365 Calendar integration, IT professionals can make use of room allocation plans based on usage trends. You will be able to experience a detailed view of room occupancy and utilization across multiple platforms.

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