Ulefone T1 Teardown Video Exposes Crucial Information

Ulefone T1

Ulefone has released Ulefone T1 teardown video and it reveals all aspects of the internals of the phone. You will learn how to remove each and every spare part inside the smartphone. Towards the end, you will also learn how to reassemble the phone to the actual state.

Upon inspection of the Ulefone T1 teardown video, we can infer that the Ulefone T1 is easy to remove. There are two screws on the top followed by several screws inside the phone. The removal of the battery, which is deeply integrated into the handset looks very easy. When the competing smartphones are hard to remove, Ulefone has designed a structure in such a way that it can be removed easily. The company has infused the spares in a compact and well-organized manner.

Based on the video, the repair and servicing of the Ulefone T1 smartphones look super easy. There is no adverse use of adhesives, which is present in large numbers in the premium handsets.

As soon as the required screws are removed, the battery can be taken away easily. It is to be noted that a teardown process should only be performed by a qualified technician. Hence, you should not attempt it at home.

The video also shows the required steps to reassemble the Ulefone T1 smartphone. If you watch the video, you will realize how simple the whole reassembling process is. If you place all the components properly, then you can easily swap the condition of the phone to the original state. You should not forget to place the two screws on the top of the Ulefone T1.

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On the specifications front, the Ulefone T1 features a 5.5-inch FHD display, MediaTek Helio P25 processor, 6GB RAM, 64GB expandable internal storage powered by a 3680mAh battery with support for PE+2.0 fast charging. The processor runs at a clock speed of 2.6GHz, which is sufficient for running games and apps without any lags. Moreover, the addition of 6GB RAM is plenty for normal usage.

While the rear side offers a dual 16MP and 5MP camera sensors, the front-facing camera comes with a 13MP sensor with softlight LED flash. Designed using a CMS-processed metal body, the Ulefone T1 includes a fingerprint sensor on the front coupled with gyroscope.

The phone is loaded with Android 7.0 Nougat, which helps you to experience latest features such as split-screen, improved notifications, and enhanced power saving mode via Doze. The 4G LTE provides support for 25 frequency bands on 5 types.

The Ulefone T1 is available at $200 instead of the regular price of $229.99 exclusively from Aliexpress. However, the offer will be valid until September 24. Along with the device, you will also get free gifts worth $35 such as case, film, holder, and adapter.

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