Open Admission by Open AI CEO Sam Altman: Deets Inside

Sam Altman

Ever since ChatGPT was launched in November 2022, the system has created tremors among tech circles. The ability of ChatGPT to respond the queries and the subsequent delivery of answers has created a spark among the community. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has made a revelation, which is more or less an open admission.

Sam Altman has openly admitted that he is afraid of the ultimate potential of the AI chatbot. In an interview with ABC news, Altman disclosed that ChatGPT has the potential to eliminate several human jobs. Even though people are happy with the robust working of ChatGPT, we are scared. He declined to reveal the total count of jobs that will be limited as a result of OpenGPT.

Altman revealed that the ChatGPT system can write computer codes and this could be the target for offensive cyberattacks. There are hackers who could misuse the AI chatbot to create destructive codes. Moreover, college students could make use of ChatGPT for their daily assignments.

ChatGPT is very much in human control but they are concerned about which people have control. The company can’t dictate terms regarding the usage of the AI chatbot. It’s up to the people to use the system responsibly for educational purposes. The recently released ChatGPT-4 ships with upgraded features and is not only creative but also collaborative. The current ChatGPT system is limited to programming, news gathering, songwriting, screenwriting, and much more.

OpenAI also announced the immediate availability of ChatGPT Plus membership in India. You will be able to experience the core features of GPT-4 upon payment of $20 per month. The amount is bit expensive for general Indian consumers. It remains to be seen how many people will opt for the paid membership. Altmas has claimed that GPT-4 has outperformed the previous counterparts.

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Microsoft also announced that Bing AI has been using GPT-4 technology since past 4 weeks. The Redmond-based software giant revealed that GPT-4 is more powerful when compared with the previous versions. Quora also launched Poe AI and has integrated four different language models. You can communicate with a model of your choice. Bing AI can deliver results in three formats.

Google is also gearing up to launch Bard AI during Google IO 2023 conference. The company will throw away a public preview of Bard AI in waitlist mode. Interestingly, Microsoft has announced the availability of Bing AI to all people without a waitlist. You can instantly join Bing AI and communicate with the chatbot.

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