Apple Airpods availability still a matter of huge concern and far from reality

Apple Airpods

When Apple announced the launch of iPhone 7 in September, the Cupertino-based giant also announced the launch of few accessories. The main attraction was the launch of Wireless Airpods, which was dubbed to be available in November. However, there is no major sign of the imminent availability of Airpods.

Apple only showcased the prototypes and no retail unit has been released. As of writing this, we don’t have any information about when Apple will officially release the much-anticipated Airpods.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple should overcome few obstacles before Airpods can be officially released to the market. We don’t know exactly as to what are the major obstacles.

In case of Bluetooth headphones, it transmits signal to one earbud. After that, the signal is transferred to the next. However, if you look at Airpods, it needs to receive one stream per Earpod from an iOS powered gadget such as iPhone, iPad or Mac. The main challenge is to make sure that the Airpods are perfectly synced to avoid distortion and uneven sound signals.

The main question here is whether customers will be able to listen to music in case if they lost a single Airpod. Does a customers needs both Airpods to listen to music?

That being said, there are no clear signal as to when Apple will release Airpods. What will happen in case if the Airpods are not released. Will it affect Apple’s credibility and trust? We have to wait and watch.

In the meantime, you can still buy Apple iPhone 7 at an unbeatable price with 32GB default internal storage.

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