Bing AI Chat Gets Better With LaTeX Support

Bing AI Chat

Microsoft has added LaTeX markup support in Bing AI Chat. This new feature will allow Bing Chat to correctly display complex mathematical expressions. You will be able to learn math concepts and write technical research papers easily with the help of LaTeX markup support. Microsoft also announced the reduction of end-of-conversation triggers. It will now happen less frequently than before.

The Bing AI Chat has been revamped to provide better answers for news-related questions. Microsoft also reduced instances where Bing Chat triggered unnecessary duplicative searches. The chatbot also minimizes errors that led to Bing chat returning no response to queries.

To recall, Microsoft updated SwiftKey for Android to bring Bing Chat to your fingertips. You can now ask questions directly from the smartphone keyboard, which improves productivity to a great extent. Moreover, the Bing AI CHat copilot is also coming to Microsoft Viva.

You can also access Bing AI CHat by directly navigating to or via Windows 11. If you select the Search bar, you will view Bing logo on the top right-hand side. If you provide a search keyword, you will be able to directly view the Bing AI answers by clicking the Bing logo on the top left side. Going forward, you can expect the integration of AI capabilities in Microsoft Office apps.

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