Top Ways to Buy Crypto in Turkey with Cash

Crypto in Turkey

Cryptocurrency has changed the financial landscape in Turkey, offering investors endless ways to trade their digital assets and make profits from them. Many people are looking for ways to buy crypto in Turkey with cash, which is a convenient and straightforward method for those who prefer to handle transactions in person. With that said, let’s take a look at the top ways to buy crypto in Turkey with cash.

Buy Crypto in Turkey with Cash Using NakitCoins

NakitCoins is among the leading cryptocurrency exchanges in Turkey. NakitCoins has offices in Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Alanya, and Bursa, with locations in more cities opening soon. Their expert concierges are always ready to answer questions, making it easier for anyone to trade crypto. While they previously operated an online platform also, they have decided to focus on the type of quality customer service that can only be offered in person.

Buy Crypto in Turkey with Cash Through Coinbase

You can buy crypto in Turkey with cash using Coinbase. First, find a local seller through online forums or social media. Arrange to meet in a safe place and exchange cash for cryptocurrency by transferring it to the seller and providing your Coinbase account details.

The seller will then send the agreed-upon amount of crypto to your Coinbase account. Always be careful and choose trustworthy sellers when using this method.

Purchase Using Bitcoin ATMs

You can easily buy crypto in Turkey with cash using Bitcoin ATMs, which are increasingly found in major cities. First, locate a Bitcoin ATM using a maps app or Bitcoin ATM app. Have your digital wallet ready and follow the on-screen instructions to insert your cash.

Enter your wallet address, and the ATM will quickly transfer the cryptocurrency to your wallet. Bitcoin ATMs offer a straightforward and speedy way to convert cash into crypto.

Check out Over-the-Counter Trading Services

Consider using over-the-counter (OTC) trading services to buy crypto in Turkey with cash, especially for larger transactions. Find a trusted OTC service provider, arrange a meeting with their representative, negotiate the amount and exchange rate, and complete the transaction in person by exchanging cash for cryptocurrency. OTC trading is secure and favored by investors handling substantial crypto purchases.

Buy Using Paxful

You can use Paxful to buy crypto in Turkey with cash through its peer-to-peer marketplace. First, sign up on Paxful via their website or app. Find sellers who accept cash, start a trade, and agree on terms.

Meet the seller in a safe place, exchange cash for crypto, and receive the cryptocurrency in your Paxful wallet. Paxful offers various payment choices and is trusted by many users.

Cash Deposit Services

You can buy crypto in Turkey with cash using cash deposit services, which allow you to deposit cash directly into a seller’s bank account.

Find a platform offering these services, select a seller accepting cash deposits, deposit the cash, show proof of deposit, and receive the cryptocurrency in your wallet once confirmed. This method is secure and ensures both parties complete the transaction.


How to buy crypto in Turkey with cash is simpler than ever with the various methods provided above. To guarantee that your transactions are safe and easy, always make sure you follow safety procedures and work with reliable providers.

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